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Best Rides in each Walt Disney World park

How do you even pick a "best" ride in each of the Walt Disney World parks? How do you compare a classic attraction like Peter Pan's Flight to something state of the art like Flight of Passage?  One has classic Disney storytelling and has been beloved by park guests for years while the other uses cutting edge technology along with storytelling, music, and even smells to create an immersive experience.  In order to pick the best ride in each park, I needed to develop some criteria.
1) Overall Ride Experience -This is perhaps the most important evaluation tool of all. A great ride experience should have you leaving the attraction with a smile on your face, eager to do it again.
2) Technical Aspects of the ride -Does the ride contain technical innovations?  Or classic technical skills used to great effect?
3) Ride-ability -Can everyone experience this attraction?  What is the height requirement?  What is the motion sickness factor? 
4) Ride Story -One area where Walt Disney World excels beyond any other theme park is in the art of storytelling.  Each of their attractions has a storyline.  How does this storyline add to or detract from the ride experience?
5) Longevity and "Classic-ness" of the Ride -Is the ride a Disney classic?  Has it survived the test of time?  Is it likely to stick around?
So here are the winners:

Epcot: Soarin'/Soarin' Around the World -Located in Future World's Land pavilion, Soarin' has been a classic and a hit ever since it made its debut, seeing wait times exceed two hours, especially during the busiest times of the year.  While the ride does have a height requirement, it's gentle.  Many people who experience motion sickness are still able to enjoy this attraction.  Overall, the ride experience is incredible.  It's completely immersive with a great score.  I also love how the Disney imagineers were able to incorporate the sense of smell on this ride.  This was updated in 2016, and I still can't decide which version of this attraction is my favorite.  I will always love the original due to the classic score, but Soarin' Around the World is a must-do at Epcot.
Honorable Mention: Spaceship Earth

Disney's Hollywood Studios: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror -This is as close to a no-brainer as it gets for me.  Overall, this ride has it all, thrills, storytelling, technology, imagineer attention to details, even a hidden Mickey.  For many, this is their favorite ride, not just in Disney's Hollywood Studios, but in all of Walt Disney World.  While I always try and snag a Fastpass for this attraction, it's also worth it to go through the main queue and take in all the details the imagineers have cleverly placed.  It's also one of the few places in all of Walt Disney World that "breaks the plane," meaning you can see other parks or parts of Hollywood Studios from the top of the tower (if you're able to keep your eyes open).
Honorable Mention: Toy Story Midway Mania

Disney's Animal Kingdom: Flight of Passage -Walt Disney World's newest attraction is also its best.  While there are many contenders for the title in this park, Flight of Passage tops them all.  Located in Pandora -the World of Avatar, Flight of Passage allows riders to fly on the wings of a banshee.  Frequently described as "Soarin' on steriods," this ride gives the guest the sensation of flight all while set to a beautiful score and once again, scents pumped in.  This one does cause more motion sickness issues that Soarin' but if you can do it, its incredibly worth it, a complete technological marvel that shows how far rides have come technically.  You may want to Fastpass this one as stand by wait times can easily exceed three hours.
Honorable Mentions: Expedition Everest, Kilamanjaro Safaris

Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain -There's a case to be made for many of Magic Kingdom's rides to take this top spot, but  I'm going to give it to Splash.  This ride features so many hallmarks of great Walt Disney World attractions, each executed flawlessly.  First of all, the ride sucks you into the story immediately with you traveling along with Brer Rabbit on the way to his "laughing place."  The ride also builds up suspense with a few small drops along the way all leading up to the highlight, the flume ride down into the briar patch.  I love all the audio-animatronic critters on this ride and all the attention to detail.  Plus, you always leave singing Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah :)
Honorable Mentions: Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Peoplemover, Peter Pan's Flight
What do you think?  What are your "best" rides?


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